This association was established in 2007 and represents the interests of various Belgian independent record labels and music producers.
It’s common knowledge that the music industry has been under pressure the last several years (especially because of illegal downloads). and still is at present.
BIMA’s main role is to represent and defend the rights of the indies as much as possible. The Indies are mostly small companies who have no direct support from the Government or other organizations.
As the music business is constantly on the move and the major companies are getting more powerful thanks to their worldwide structure, financial resources and links with the media, it’s important that the independent companies unite so they can stand up for their own rights and their share of the revenues from music exploitation in all its different aspects (especially digital exploitation). The main points of action at this moment are:
Local market:
– preservation of local market access: taking care that our product is presented to the public via a diversity of distribution channels (physical & digital)
– conservation of cultural diversity: giving the opportunity to all our artists to get their releases distributed
– Protection of the local market: defend the domestic releases from the major international releases
– implementation of investment stimulating rules (tax shelter as a shield for the investments of music companies in new talent, lowering of the VAT-rate)
– representation of our organization towards local politicians and spreading of information obtained from other organizations (BEA, Cultuurinvest,…)
-participation in national initiatives (“Manifest van de muzieksector”)
International market:
– negotiate and implement deals with companies such as Youtube, Google,…via Merlin
– informing the members about global issues (Graduated Response, prolongation of the protection of artist repertoire, ….)

BIMA is also a member of Impala, the European association for independents.
Impala itself is then again member of WIN (the Worldwide Independents Network).
The members of BIMA also have the opportunity to work (on an individual basis) with Merlin. Merlin overviews the indie-rights, bundles them as a whole and is accordingly negociating with large organizations like Youtube or My Space in order to collect monies, which are otherwise hard to obtain for stand-alone independents.
BIMA is also in regular contact with Muziekcentrum Vlaanderen, Simim and BEA.
At the same time, politicians are contacted in an effort to obtain better tax regulations for our branch. Those who are interested to join BIMA can contact Anne-Lize Vancraenem  to receive more info.
BIMA tries to organize meetings a few times per year; BIMA members get regular updates about important developments.
The individual members are always free to bring up points for discussion at any time.

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